Arkham Detective Tails: The Kidnapping

Day 1
It Starts

Erik Basko:
The Corolese’s son Adam was kidnapped tonight, sometime around 8pm. Col. Ellis, a concerned friend of theirs, has hired me to find out what happened. Jacob Corolese was not impressed by this, and wanted no-one to be involved. He would rather pay the ransom than have anyone know about the kidnapping, police included. Unfortunately for him (and for my wallet), the police somehow got wind of the situation and sent an inspector over.

While Olga, the maid, was removing a stain from my shirt (clumsy me, spilled tea… again!), she broke down and admitted she was the one that had Adam kidnapped. She is convinced that the Corolese’s are devil worshippers and had a man named Thomas to come take him away. A complete stranger I might ad!


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